The Huntsman Pack

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You're gearing up for your next hunt, but are you equipped with everything you need so you can stay focused on the target? Enter The Huntsman Pack, a carefully crafted bundle designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind on your hunting expedition. Protect your phone with the Protector XD, lock down your rangefinder or binos with the Guardian Micro Series Quick Connect and drag that wall hanger out of the woods with the ADS.

Don't just gear up; gear up smart with The Huntsman Pack. Elevate your adventure and experience the thrill of hunting without the worry. Secure your pack today!

The Huntsman Pack includes:

  • One (1) Protector Phone Tether XD
  • One (1) Ally Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap OR One (1) Adjustable Drag Strap "The A.D.S."
  • One (1) Guardian Micro Series Quick Connect

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