The Adjustable Drag Strap "The A.D.S."

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Not all watercraft are the same size. Kayaks are specifically designed to work best in different locations like the ocean, river, lake, or pond. You need gear that will provide you with all the means of getting your favorite craft on and off the water by yourself quickly and safely.

When you are ready to launch your kayak, dont forget to bring along THE A.D.S. This highly durable drag strap is fully adjustable to fit whatever size kayak you may be using at the length you need. This cuts down on your setup and break down so you can spend those precious hours you want on the water fishing, floating, or for whatever adventure you have planned. Sometimes you need a little extra length for those steep load-outs. Adjust the ADS on the fly to fit your needs whether you're launching, dragging, sitting or standing. With the Adjustable Drag Strap, you get four different uses, all in one strap!

Your back will thank you when you use THE A.D.S.. Simply attach the stainless steel cam buckle to the front handle of your kayak, slide the end through the cam buckle, then grab the handle and lift! Youll be amazed at how much easier it is to move your kayak. 

More flexibility. More lift. More control from the tools you need to remove chaos and frustration from your next outdoor trip. Purchase THE A.D.S. today!


  • Adjustable strap up to 8of length.
  • Stainless steel cam buckle.
  • TPR cam buckle cover to reduce noise and protect the boat.
  • Comfort grip handle 
  • Made of super-strong, heavy-duty nylon webbing. 
  • Easy to store away inside your pack or compartments.
  • Comes with Rogues Quality Assurance Warranty.


Suggested Uses:

  • Use as a tow rope for launching kayak from trailer
  • Adjust the strap on the go to get the leverage you need for dragging in different scenarios
  • Fine tune to have the perfect length stand assist strap for readjusting, sitting, and standing up quickly

Psst, it also makes a pretty an excellent deer drag for all you hunters!

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