The Essentials Kit

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You’ve got the essential gear you need for your adventure but do you have a way to keep your gear secure?

Enter "The Essentials” Kit - a no nonsense bundle of tools to help keep your gear safe so you can focus on what matters… time on the water.

The next time you explore, make sure you have the Essentials with you.

The Essentials Kit includes:

  • One (1) Protector Phone Tether XD
  • One (1) Ally Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap OR One (1) Adjustable Drag Strap "The A.D.S."
  • One (1) Guardian 55 Utility Leash
  • One (1) Guardian 115 Utility Leash
  • One (1) Defender Rod & Paddle Leash
  • *BONUS* - FREE two (2) "Fish Or Die" Sticker and one (1) Rogue Fishing Co. Sticker (A $9 value!)

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