The CPR Kit

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CPR = Catch. Photo. Release. Simple right? The truth is taking a photo of your trophy catch on your measuring board is a complicated process that can involve a lot of "oops" moments. Enter the CPR Kit. This bundle includes our premium Titan Board Leash to secure your premium bump board to your boat, a Guardian 115 Utility Leash to keep your fish grips, pliers, snips right where you want them and the Protector Phone Tether to keep your phone safe and close to you while taking that bragging rights picture! You worked hard for that trophy fish. We can help make the process of documenting it easier!

The CPR Kit includes:

  • One (1) Protector Phone Tether XD
  • One (1) Titan Board Leash
  • One (1) Guardian 115 Utility Leash
  • *BONUS* - Two (2) "Fish Or Die" Sticker and two (2) Rogue Fishing Co. Sticker (A $12 value - FREE!) 

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