The Extender™ Handle Strap

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Extend Your Outdoor Adventures!

There are so many unique and rewarding adventures waiting for you in the great outdoors. But sometimes they can be hard to reach. 

We created a simple way to improve your fishing, kayaking, and boating trips with a handy tool that makes it easier to lift up or drag your vessel. The Extender puts an end to those strenuous lifts that leave you feeling sore for the rest of your trip.

With The Extender, you’ll be able to quickly grab the handle of your vessel and maneuver it exactly where you need it all on your own. Even better, you can add The Extender to our Ally Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap, so you have more added leverage on steep load-ins/load-outs.

The simple design includes two open loops on either end that you can interlock with practically any kayak handle or secondary strap. 

Put an end to those back-breaking lifts. Get the strap that allows you to adventure with ease.


  • The perfect solution to dragging your kayak to, from, and through the water
  • Made of high-quality, heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Easy to store away inside your pack or compartments
  • The shorter 19-inch length makes it a versatile piece of gear for any outdoor activity
  • Designed in the U.S.A. with Rogue’s strict quality standards
  • Comes with Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty

Suggested Uses:

  • Hand tow for transporting to your launch
  • Leverage for dragging in/out of every scenario
  • Adventure in places that used to be just out of reach
  • Easy-to-pack multi-use handle for all outdoorsmen/women